Sunday, December 27, 2009

Healthcare reform bill ruined Christmas, so I burned my house and plunged my car in a lake

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This Christmas Eve morning, C-SPAN took some calls from viewers to hear their opinions and reaction to the healthcare reform bill that had just been passed. I’m praying that this one, below, isn’t a representative sample of what had been heard on the air, or else America is doomed to fall into the hands of absolute Christofascist morons. (And I cannot emphasize that last word enough.) I really sorta pity the presenter who had to listen to all that.

PRESENTER: ‘We’ve got another call from Kansas, this one from “Bunny”, uh, Parson, Kansas. You’re opposed to the bill?’

BUNNY: ‘Good morning. Yes, I am, very much. I am so disappointed. I have taken my Christmas tree down, I have taken my Christmas trees off my house, I’ve taken all the lights down. This is supposed to be a nation under God, and it isn’t. They absolutely have ruined Christmas for all the Senators and Representatives that are supposed to be under God. This is God’s holiday, for the birth of his son.’

PRESENTER: ‘So, you took down your Christmas tree because of the Senate healthcare bill?’

BUNNY: ‘I certainly did, and I would like to see every light in the nation go out, especially in the White House. This is just ridiculous.’

PRESENTER: ‘Why are you so opposed to it, Bunny?’

BUNNY: ‘Because it’s divisive between my son, who is younger, and myself, and in many families, it’s that way. Either it’s genocide on the seniors […]’

Am I the only one who, no matter how many times I listen to that rambling and read the transcript, simply cannot fathom what the hell this nut is talking about? I pity her son, who’s gonna be wondering why his wackjob mother ruined Christmas, herself, in taking down all the pretty lights and trees in a supremely stupid and futile move of protest against something that is both wholly unrelated and that will only help the country in the coming years. And, of course, the way she tries to rationalize just how the bill is wrong is just an illustration in pure brainlessness. Truly, if anyone has a gobbledygook translator, I’d be grateful.

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)