Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A butthurt Ken Ham and a succint response

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Recently, Prof. Lawrence Krauss, renown physicist and author of many great books including The Physics of Star Trek, visited Ken Ham’s ludicrous Creation “Museum” for a brief stroll, before commenting on its absurdity in the Cincinnati Enquirer using mean pointy words like “lies”, “travesty” and “religiously motivated fraud”. This is all exact to anyone who knows anything about science and about how utterly devoid of merit Creationism is, without even having to visit Ham’s $27 million folly.

Of course, Ken Ham felt a wee bit stung by this and let the silliness rip on Krauss:

Krauss himself got criticism from some in the secular press because he had not even visited the museum to see it for himself. Presumably because of this criticism, he did come some time later and walked through the Creation Museum exhibits with AiG’s CCO, Mark Looy. Mark actually timed Krauss’s visit. He took a whole 22 minutes to walk through the museum, most of the time asking Mark Looy questions and only occasionally glancing at some of the exhibits. Considering it would take a person nearly one and a half hours to watch the programs in the various theatres, including the Planetarium and SFX theatre, plus take 2 hours to watch all the 50-plus videos in the various exhibits, and a further two hours to read all the signage—it was obvious Krauss wasn’t the least bit interested in researching the content of the museum (as one would expect from a real scientist and well-known anti-creationist commentator), but only visited presumably to tell people he has seen the Creation Museum and thus could comment on it—what a farce!

Wow. Sounds like someone’s feeling a little butthurt.

Then, from Larry Moran over at Sandwalk:

Now, let's be fair to Lawrence Krauss. He's a very smart guy and I'm certain that it didn't take him 22 minutes to recognize that the museum was a farce. I'm sure he stayed an extra 21 minutes just to be polite to his host.


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