Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another illustration of Congress’ effed-up priorities

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“War on Christmas”

So, let’s see. At the moment, America is facing two wars abroad, dealing with the passage of sweeping healthcare reform legislation, trying to cope with an ailing economy that, in itself, is a cause for countless other headaches including a peaking rate of unemployment, a skyrocketing national debt – and this is all in addition to the “usual” issues (such as the environment, shrinking of the middle class, crime, civil rights such as abortion and gay marriage, and so on). So, what does Congress judge best to do in such times?

How about jumping into this “War on Christmas” bullshit, then? Which is exactly what Rep. Henry Brown (R-SC) and 74 cosponsoring Republicans is doing in pushing forth a bill that would essentially condemn people for saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas”.

Yes, yes … seriously.

BROWN: ‘[…] we don’t wanna get so empowered by doing that that we forget the real meaning of Christmas by using “Happy Holidays” or, or “Joy to the Seasons”, or some other word rather than “Merry Christmas” so we can reflect the true meaning of Christmas. I think giving is good, I think bringing families together at Christmas is very important, but I think, also, we can’t forget, though, in all of this, the true meaning of Christmas, which is Christ’s birthday.’


BROWN: ‘Every year, more and more people are shying away from Christmas and using “Happy Holidays” or some other means of expressing this, this special time for us.’

Listening to this pathetic droning waffle, only one thing comes to mind … yes …

Freedom fries
Perhaps the most lasting effect left by the dumbass Republican demagogues in Congress.

I hardly need to explain how and why the fact that 75 Congress Republicans truly believe that the “War on Christmas” is not only credible, but even something worth taking precious time in Congress debating over in the face of all the other crucial issues they have yet to deal with, is utterly, mind-numbingly embarrassing. It’s a complete disgrace.

But, of course, seeing as this is dumbassery perpetuated by Republicans, you can always be relatively certain that digging just below the surface of this fetid bullshit will uncover some layer of hypocrisy … ah, here it is …

However, Brown’s 2008 December newsletter wished a “happy holiday” to his constituents for the “holiday season.” Although the newsletter had a link to the White House Christmas tree website, it made no other mention of Christ or Christmas. (Click here for a screenshot) And as Slate’s Chris Beam has observed, Brown didn’t introduce his resolution last year, even though President Bush’s 2008 holiday card didn’t mention Christmas either.

Again, only one thing comes to mind …

Rimshot by JustJoking.com

(I got the feeling I’m gonna be using that thing rather often now that I’ve discovered it.)

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