Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day x2: What to do about those useless hungry people?

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Sometimes, I wonder if the forces of heartlessness and callousness have universally chosen the conservative way of thinking as their host. For example, I’ve never heard a liberal ever say something as downright cold as what John J. Miller wrote in the National Review about welfare and food-stamps (which currently help feed 1 in 8 Americans, including a quarter of American children):

Seems like there ought to be a stigma attached to the use of welfare. A little bit of shame can go a long way toward encouraging people to find jobs. The federal government may think it's doing people a favor by providing them with access to food, but it's doing them a disservice if it also robs them of the motivation necessary to break free from dependency.

Yeah! Those stupid lazy hungry people! Let’s shame them so they starve even more, and that’ll give ’em the incentive to get a job all the more! After all, who cares about unemployment in America reaching over 10%, the highest since WWII? Surely, those lazy welfare-addicts can snatch up one of ’em nonexistent jobs anytime they want if they’d only stop moping about how poor and jobless and empty-stomached they are … right?

Mind you, this post could also be entitled “Hypocritical Quote of the Day”, considering:

Allow me to point out that John J. Miller lives off the hand-outs of hard-right cranks and wealthy ideologues. He writes for The National Review, which has never turned a profit (founder William F Buckley once said that NR had lost over $25 million dollars over the years). Miller's latest book was a paean to a big-money right-wing foundation, published by another big-money right-wing foundation.

Perhaps if there were a bit of stigma attached to being a clown who earns his keep off of wingnut welfare, it would discourage Miller from being so dependent on the generosity of others. Parasite.

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