Saturday, November 28, 2009

Next they should do a ‘Hannah Montana’ intervention

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It’s not really a great achievement to punk Twilight fans, seeing as they generally have the brains of a doped-up retard needed to enjoy such drivel. But, that doesn’t make seeing it happen any less vindictively hilarious. Watch, below, as a group of Twi-fans (urgh) attend what they believe is the premiere … and instead end up in a Vampire Intervention!

‘This is a vampire intervention, seeing as you clearly have no clue what the [fuck] a vampire is. A vampire does not look like he belongs on a WB show! A vampire does not look like 20 guys came in his hair and he left it in as leave-in conditioner! A VAMPIRE HAS FANGS, PEOPLE! It does not look like a roving Fallout Boy Cover Bear!’


Sorry. Their primitive speech patterns seem to have rubbed off on me for a moment, there. But, that underlined quote is seriously the best Twilight description of all time, period.

(via @VeritasKnight)