Monday, November 30, 2009

I dunno this Donny Deutsch guy but I think I like him

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The CNBC commentator (I just looked him up) is apparently well-known for holding few punches back, and this is a good and enjoyable example of such. On the subject of a recent poll that places the Republican All-Star Cranks League (Limbaugh, Beck, Cheney and Palin) at the top of the list of the most influential conservatives in America, he proclaimed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that this is very good news for Democrats as they are “circus acts” who are virtually unelectable, and then finished with calling Lou Dobbs a racist. Wham-Bam!

WILLIE GEIST: ‘There’s a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll that asks the question, “Who is America’s most influential conservative voice?”. Rush Limbaugh by a long shot, 26%; Glenn Beck, 11%; Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin, tied for 10%.’

DEUTSCH: ‘That’s an impressive foursome. That tells me if I’m a Democrat, I’m very happy.’

JIM CRAMER: ‘I’d like to use book sales as a better measure, because this is not [?]. Sarah Palin just rocked the whole book industry. This was incredible. This is the first book I’ve ever seen where they were unprepared, there weren’t enough made. Really extraordinary …’

DEUTSCH: ‘Jim, there is a difference between being a popular media figure and an electable candidate, and you’ve gotta start to make that distinction. These – these are all entertainers, they’re circus acts, and will they be elected? No.’

CRAMER: ‘Is Lou Dobbs acceptable as a candidate?’

DEUTSCH: ‘Uh, I don’t think so, actually. I don’t think so. Maybe because he’s a racist is pretty much the reason why, so …’

He’s exactly spot on. The RASCK (yeah, I’ve got a acronym for the Republican All-Star Cranks League, now) are kooks and twits whom the majority of the population, conservatives included, wouldn’t vote for with a ten mile voting pole, which effectively leaves the GOP without a head. No wonder Democrats are so fond of the League – they make their wishes come true when they make conservatives and Republicans come across as insane, irrational loons.

Geist summarizes it all with this little bit:

‘The problem is the people who excite Republicans are not the ones who’re capable of being elected. Barack Obama excited Democrats, and of course was capable of being elected.’


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