Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day: Dembski on Darwin, the imperfect atheist god

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Poor William Dembski; he seems to have gotten his panties in a twist over Blasphemy Day (which is all good, you know, as any atheist event with which such kooks as Dembski and Donohue actually agree just isn’t worth anything), and in response, he basically reacts like the childish and petty man we all know him to be:

Since Darwin is their god, it would be interesting to submit to this contest true statements about Darwin's less than divine attributes.

Seriously? This is what he comes up with? “Oh, you insult our god, huh? Well, fine then, I’ll insult yours!” (I’ll neglect to point out, for the thousandth time, the ridiculousness of hailing Darwin as anything more than a brilliant scientist and the father of the ToE, and by extension, all of modern biology. A god, he is not.)

(Oh, wait, I just did point it out. Oops.)

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)