Friday, September 18, 2009

Please welcome the inclusion of Helga the Battle-Ax in Pastor Tom’s Wall of Shame!

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My, what a time this is. A time of great awards, honors and privileges. You see, there’s this blogger on the web, named Jen. She holds a blog, currently about 810 times more popular than mine. *growls* However, even such popularity isn’t enough to get her noticed by most folks, even amongst her dissenters and opponents (ie. Christians, religious people in general, etc.).

But, oh ho! Now Jen has finally made it big. Not only has she just appeared in the (local) news, thus bringing her that much closer to the celebrity level of fearless cracker-hunter PZ Myers, but she’s now got her own entry in Pastor T.Estes of HardTruth’s “Evil Sites” links, as “Helga’s Battle-Ax”! Hooray for Jen! For you see, now, she is now considered, by T.Estes, to be on the same level of importance, popularity and influence in the godless hedonistic world as other such foul heathens as PZ himself of Pharyngula PharyTales, Hemant Mehta of Friendly Hateful Atheist, and even the godforsaken realms of the Global Atheism CEO, Richard Dawkins Richie Dawkinham’s website!

I thus invite you all to raise your steel goblets filled to the brim with the blood of kittens and babies, and to drink to Jen the Blag Hag Battle-Ax’s eternal inclusion upon T.Estes’s wall of Evil Sites. After all, he’s been following her, raptor-like, stalker-like, for so long, without mentioning her or admitting that he’s been using her blog as his own blogging fodder (as to not beset her, of course, I’m sure), that it’s only natural he should finally declare to the world (or the sliver of it that reads his blog) what an evil, amoral and vicious blog Jen the Battle-Ax operates – if only by sneakily including a link in an obscure sidebar section. Transparency and all that. (Wouldn’t want Tom to appear to be dishonest or hypocritical, would we?)

And so, I say: congrats to you, dear Jen! And in closing, I must therefore muse: when will it be time for reliably cranky ol’ T.Estes to include yours truly, moi, amongst his list of wretched Internet havens for the wicked, the damned and the faithless? I await with trepidation.

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