Friday, September 25, 2009

Orly Taitz, the walking joke

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Things just can’t stop going downhill for the wackaloon “lawyer” and head of the Birther movement, can they? This latest series of events is just fit to make us all crack up: first, she represents a military soldier who wanted to eschew her duties on the grounds that Obama is illegitimate and unsuitable for presidency. So Orly files the lawsuit, but is rejected by Judge Clay Land, who’s had enough of her bullshit, and who also threatens to sanction her should she waste any more of the court’s time. Princess Nutjob isn’t happy with not having her delusions humored, so she goes on a screed against Land, calling him a Soviet-lovin’ traitor (and, which still stings, likening herself to Nelson Mandela). As a result, an official complaint is filed against Taitz.

Then, funniest of all (well, almost – more later), Captain Connie Rhodes, the birther soldier who hired Taitz in the first place, wanted to disassociate herself from the loon and even filed grievance against Taitz for her “reprehensible and unprofessional actions”. Still waiting on Taitz to call Capt. Rhodes a commie traitor for canning her ass.

But now, here comes the best bit yet. In a supreme attempt to keep her motion afloat, Taitz is now claiming that the letter Capt. Rhodes sent to the courts asking for Taitz to be reprehended, is a forgery.


Birther attorney Orly Taitz tells TPMmuckraker she believes a letter sent by her now ex-client renouncing Taitz -- in a case alleging that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery -- may itself be a forgery.

This, coming from the woman who’s filed a gazillion stupid lawsuits based on forged and faked evidence and documents. I don’t see how she could possibly still lose credibility here. She’s already well into the negative hundreds now.

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