Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lack of God in schools = killings, beatings, rapes, and rampant sex (eek!)

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Pastor T.Estes of HardTruth is quite the amusing character. Once again, he falls right into his propensity for using ridiculous fallacies that a five-year-old with Down Syndrome would laugh at. Take a look at this post, where he describes how horrible “[r]emoving God from our education” has been for kids and society:

Let me ask you; does anyone really think removing prayer, the Bible, and any mention of God as our Creator has helped anyone? Have we really grown as a society by teaching our children that the only person they should be accountable to is themselves?

(And to others … and to the legal system … and so forth …)

Plenty of people one can be accountable to other than themselves, you know.

But here, the real stoopid begins flowing:

If you believe things have improved, let me give you some stats that come from a book written by William Jeynes:

  • Murder arrests among 13-18 year olds is five times the 1962 levels.

  • Murders by girls are also five time their 1962 levels.

  • Aggravated assaults by girls are up five times since 1962.

  • Rape among 13-14 year old boys are three times their 1962 levels.

  • Teen pregnancies among unwed teens is seven times higher than it was in 1962.

  • Half of sexually active adolescent males had their first sexual experience between the ages of 11-13.

Still believe removing God from our educational system was a good move?

First of all, I have no idea whether these numbers are accurate, as I have not crossed-checked them with other survey and study results (and frankly, I’m not bored enough to do so). I know nothing of Jeynes’ book, or about him. What I do know, is that whether these statistics are accurate or not, is completely, totally and utterly irrelevent to God being removed from schools. To claim that the rise of secularity in classrooms has anything to do with the rise of violence is to fall into the old “correlation-vs.-causation” fallacy. The fact that two things are present at once indicates nothing without some hard evidence to support their correlation, and this hard evidence is exactly what Pastor Tom has nothing of.

Yet, just when you think the Pastor has sufficiently shot himself in the foot with his stupid claims and lame suppositions …

And when you look at our public schools today, this is clearly the situation; you have a lot of people who believe in God, yet still lack the basic fear of Him needed to be a productive member of society, and that's the HardTruth.

… he goes ahead and shoots his entire leg off. Yes, Tom, the only way anyone can lead a decent life and become a productive member of society, is to fear God. You can not do it because of necessity, or personal pride, or out of the joy in helping others, or simply as to not mope around the house bored to death all day. Nah … gotta fear the flying fairy.